I'm pretty sure you've heard the slightly obsessed over term, "Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur" quite a few times throughout your creative journey. If not, then you should probably get to know the homie, Marie Forleo - (that's where I first heard the term 4 years ago). So what exactly is a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

For starters if you are:

  • Someone that never could stay at a regular "9 t 5" for too long.

  • A person whose parents would get frustrated every time you wanted to be a different Marvel character .. because you had ALL the power.

  • "Everyday I'm hustlin" or "Can't Be Tamed" were probably your theme songs.

  • Someone who could never just answer with one response to, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

You, my friend… have issues.

No, you don't. Don't accept that. You, my friend, are a passionate piece of art that despises being framed up. We'll save that explanation for another post, though.

The term may sound like a fad and often times is looked down upon as simply those who have no clue about what the hell they want to do in life. Embrace what looks indecisive to others and understand that being multi-passionate has tons, if not more benefits. Think Renaissance - you're GOALS AF! To help you elevate and evolve in the fact that your passions don't have to be on the straight and narrow because society tells you to "choose one" - here's some schoolin' for ya…

This is the number one thing I remember personally struggling with in the early stages of my own entrepreneurial journey. The worry and annoying thoughts of whether I was good enough or if people would seriously purchase any of my - at the time - amateur services. I even dreamed that a client of mines went on a crazy and reputation tarnishing party in my honor. Seriously, that scared me.

Not only was I coming into my own as a business woman but I was fresh meat in a pool of sharks. Those sharks seemed to have had all of their ish together. They had that ONE thing that made them fiats all day, errday. Then there was me… the kind of biz owner who would mention she had multiple businesses. The person that "top" creators would say are the people that need to "hone in on your purpose" - "you need to find clarity" - "find your true calling". When the thing was already set in stone for me - my purpose, calling, and clarity all pointed me to multiple things. I'm not the only one and you shouldn't feel pressured to box your creativity in any way. Instead of looking around the pool and worrying about the "you can't sit with us" crew - know that whatever you got to offer, you better offer the hell out of it because as cliché as this may look - YOU GOT THIS and YOU ARE FULLY CAPABLE. The only enemy you have is you.

Remember this: You don't need permission to do what ONLY YOU know is meant for you to do. You will know when and how to make it all flow and work when the time comes. We all experience seasonal changes - and that doesn't exclude our crafts. Do you, boo! Unless they buttering your biscuits and washing your feet, then you have an attachment problem I can't fix for you.
Yeah, you've heard this before. I'm telling you again so add me to the list. Firstly, don't think for a second that everything you touch will be as gold as Beyonce's boots - failure happens and that's actually the best thing sometimes. For me, I've tried many things and I've also failed at many things too. Upside of those failures is my now - those failures set the tone for how I move forward from setbacks. If you never try anything, you'll never truly accomplish anything worthwhile. Many businesses started on a bucket and 10 cents …

Not literally (for everyone), but you get the drift.

If I didn't start offering $10 logos without a website, I would not be where I am today. If you don't "make it work" today to see profit tomorrow, what are you afraid of? Many of us fear judgement ALL.THE.TIME! Oh my god, this person said my workbook is weeeeakkkk….. I get it. We want to perfect everything when perfection isn't a tangible existence. Let go of wanting to have everything all set before sharing your gift with the world. Allow negative feedback to fuel you to create a better product or service altogether. Evolution will naturally occur as you "find your thing". If you want to sell shirts - spend that $15 on a tee for yourself, take some photos, and advertise the hell out of it for pre-orders. You may not have it all together but at least you're sharing your craft! There are ways to finesse, ya'll.
Take this:

  • It's not always perfect the first time around

  • It might even flop … flop HARD!

  • You WILL gain a tremendous amount of intel (and confidence) which will allow you to make the changes to do better.

  • Things get easier + clarity will swoon in like a refreshing lemonade on a hot GA day … it just takes time. Enjoy the process.

Check out this dope video from Pursuing Change on "How To Start"

Contrary to popular belief, fear and doubt aren't just words with negative connotations - they're words that are often discredited and worthy of being trashed. In my experience, learning to embrace the unknown is inevitable. People do it already… religion. So why is it so hard to embrace the very things that scare you most. Not talking spiders or childhood boogie men, but things like fear of failing, having doubt about your craft or whether you're good enough.

These two are a tag team. When you open up to them, they become two things you welcome into your life to further remind you of why you started. They're the incognito cheerleaders who have a habit of putting you in uncomfortable situations that are made to help you grow and realize your greatest potential. Remember that when you're feeling uncomfortable, it's a sign that it's time to step out of the comforting shadows and take it whatever your subconscious is navigating you towards.

It's cool to surround yourself with people who "get it" but the original squad goals have always been with you - awaiting you to accept them and manifest greatness together.

As you go about your day, night, or life in general, take these key points with you:

  • You are fully capable of doing what you are passionate about, even if you feel you lack being fully equipped. - That  will come. 

  • You won't always have it all together  but most times you have to start even before you're ready. 

  • Comfort zones are stagnant destinations- book yourself a mental flight out to  Kick Ass , Mindset quickly!

Neosha Gardner