I'm quite sure you've seen the latest hot "meme" regarding having a circle full of Beyonces floating around social media. Apparently its the successor to the "Beyonce wasn't built in a day" meme but who am I to complain? I got love for Bey (mostly her work ethic, of course). However you choose to look at it, as a creative being - hustler - girlboss - mogul - you need you some friends that'll help you reach the top. 

Let's be real for a sec. Up until maybe close to two years ago, I had the biggest fear of putting myself out there. Yep. Me. As bad as I wanted to build my business, there was this underlying sense of stagnancy that left me feeling stuck in dry cement.  Not to mention the awkward, hey I'm at an event trying toconnect with others but stumbling all over my words instead mentality. Le struggle! But when you're goal is to be on the come up, realizing that your business can not and will not grow without putting yourself, your service, or your product out there - oh, the snapback from feeling stagnant starts to set your straight quick. 

You can't be a hermit sitting behind your fancy Macbook sipping tea all your life. At some point, you have to let folks know you exist. That you're the sh*t for obvious reasons, and that you have something they need to know about + never forget! 

Send a message just as Bey did in Lemonade (but keep the bats at home ladies). The point in putting yourself out there is to make connections. Those connections may soon turn into friendships and those friendships turn into your people - your squad. You NEED people in your life. You need a tribe. You need a few heros and sheros. You need Beyonces, Rihannas, Oprahs, JayZs, Kevin Harts, and Steph Currys in your circle.  You need friends that will encourage you to slay everyday, friends that want to see you win, and friends whose circle becomes your circle too. The power of like-minded greatness! The online friends are cool but the IRL circle is where real magic happens. 

Take it from me, once I began to step outside my little safe haven and reaching out to others, collaborating, and networking - things changed. I knew I wanted to be recognized as a major resource for creative entrepreneurs but in order for that to happen, building my own community had to happen, thus tribe. It'll amaze you at the people you meet and the opportunities that soon seem to just fall into your lap afterwards. This is how I got new clients, free VIP access to see greatness, and even attend one of the dopest blog conferences ever this year - all because of my beyonces! 

So, for my creative beings, hustlers, girlbosses, moguls in the making, and beyond - this is for you. Especially if you suffer from that stagnancy to awkward put myself out there syndrome - this is why you need a few Beyonces and forreal more people in your life.  

1. Like Minds Build Strong Bonds

Let's say you've been out of high school for about 10 years. You remember those crews of the people who were "tight" all the way up to graduation? Those same crews may even still be friends to this very day. I know quite a few actually. When you start creating meaningful relationships with people who get it, you too are creating those same tight bonds that'll last a lifetime. Look at Oprah and Gail. 

The same thing happens when you open yourself up to inviting others in your space. Not just anyone but those you can just slay with in any and everything. The circle of friends who'll be there when you need extra models for your clothing line, the circle that'll always share the great things you're working on, and so forth. 

2. Others Begin To Trust You More
Think about what makes you want to buy something whether it be shoes or the latest iPhone7. Influence. Your girl Stacy is in love with Maya's course - so she shares it with you! You end up wanting to take the course too! When you have a circle of friends who are just as awesome as you, those people will sell you before others even get to meet you.This creates trust. Your fashionable Beyonce tells her Beyonce (whose attracted to your work) that she's worked with you personally and how great you are! Girl, her Beyonce soon becomes your next client because now your Beyonce has instilled a trust in you into her friend! Influence = Trust.   

It also proves to those following you online that you are indeed a living, breathing vessel of flesh walking around this place. 

3. Your Tribe Becomes Your Hype Crew
When people love what you do and enjoy working with you, they make it their mission to run out and tell the entire block! You do it too, let's not be modest. This goes back to the trust that is established through the influence of others. Another great thing about this is, when your people hear of an opportunity in your creative realm that would fit you perfectly, you better believe your name will always be the first shared. Beyonces stan heavy for their boss friends. 

I'm not the only photog or graphic design my circle knows but you'd thinkI was by how they always share great things about me. I love them and you need to always make sure you do the same for your crew as well. Reciprocate the stan love, ok?

4. Your Influence Expands
When you are known for being apart of a crew that consists of people that others know, love, and support dearly, whether they are popular branding coaches or lifestyle bloggers - don't be surprised when that overflow begins to stream your way. If someone like Myliek Teele has you in her circle, attending ladies night and such- folks are going to see you as someone worth knowing. People will run to check out that tagged name and all for reference like they check for receipts. Doves don't flock around street birds and greatness avoids energy vampires like the plague so be prepared to welcome the new faces admiring and supporting what you do too!

5. Your Business Grows
Need I say more? Yes, when you surround yourself with great people, like-minded people, people who want nothing but great things for you, not only will you grow as a person, but your goals, passions, and business ventures will all see some serious increase. Big or small, it all matters. 

If you're like me and you're forever collaborating with the people in your circle, that is a sure-fire way to make sure  that you all are supporting one another and showing those watching that they should be inspired to get a fly crew too!

Who wants to go at everything alone anyway? That's no fun when everybody can do better and go further together.  In the words of my bestie in the mental, Shameless Maya - do you boo! Build your crew so you all can strategize business plans and sip cocktails after masterminding twerk greatness. 

Neosha Gardner