Hey there fellow creative, blogger, super cool business person... have you been struggling long enough with taking the road of insanity when it came to responding to repetitive emails, forwarding your latest e-book, or even just losing your way with organizing your email life?

I know the feeling all too well when it comes to running a business and exercising the best practices to help sustain it. I'm your best friend today because I'm going to share 3 free autoresponder platforms to help streamline your business and cut your work days in half. Literally!

If you're not making use of autoresponders for your business, WHAT are you doing with your life? Seriously, I've even used autoresponders for my text messages - judge me - (insert laugh here). Like many new businesses or people seeking to save a bit of cash to help grow their business, you need resources that have the street cred to get you from Point A to Point B and still allow you to be as professional-looking as you want to be.

I've had great success with using all 3 of these wonderful platforms, some better than others but they get the job done and THAT'S WHAT MATTERS MOST.  Of course, you can upgrade to an even more awesome platform when you say so but until then, thank me later.


The creme de la creme of email marketing for small businesses. Aside from other platforms like Constant Contact or Mad Mimi, Mailchimp has been my pride and joy for a few years now and many others feel the same.

Although their "autoresponder" feature is actually something you have to pay for, there are a few shortcuts you can take to get whatever you want to share out to the world. Those breezy sign up form options can help make that happen. Great for sending special links to your storefront, digital downloads, or even redirecting to your own custom auto-response page.

As of May 2017 - Mailchimp now offers FREE automation from everyone! Regardless of the plan you're on. They also have GIFs! Yeasss!


This was the very first autoresponder I discovered that was truly "free for all". It was also the first autoresponder platform I was able to learn and operate as a newbie in the online marketing world. Talk about a glow-up! You can create up to 12 autoresponder accounts/lists to build on.

If you want to easily create an email series or online course correspondence emails - this is a great start. I would say the aesthetic and UI isn't my personal cup of tea but it's also not too tough to navigate and understand. You will need some basic HTML knowledge if you want to add images or video within your emails, however. (It's simple, don't be scared.) I'll even help you!


Believe it or not thousands of professionals make use of this VERY useful space. I've used them for years and most recently used them to capture pre-launch sign-ups for my stock photo website last year. The business!!
You simply create a form and can choose to receive a simple email response or send and auto-response message in text or HTML mode. You can even use you business email in the sender settings instead of using the default that some autoresponders may require.

The inception of their recent template designer and such is also pretty cool. You can create some pretty fleeky web forms, landing pages, and so on and so on. For the free, you can collect up to 140 submissions a month.

Did I legit just use the word, "fleeky"? The world of Vine and pop culture will get you everytime!

My testimony is that having some form of autoresponder usage in your business will save your life. Your mission, should you choose to accept - will be to stop riding the struggle bug and increase your work ethic and productivity with either one of these free autoresponder platforms for your business, blog, or anything you love.

Streamline your client intake process, make responding to email inquiries and requests a breeze, and have more time to enjoy doing the things you want to do... like sipping Sangria *clink clink*


Neosha Gardner